About WPSMap

Previously know as GPSMap (Global Personal Seismometer Map), the main idea of GPSMap was to center in one place all personal seismometer around the world for quick and easy access to helicorders.

Due to some limitations on GPSMap i rebuild the code to offer more functions which can be useful for analysis of some events, the name was also decided to be changed to WPSMap.

GPSMap - Launched in November of 2011.

WPSMap - Launched in 19 of July, 2012.


Want to help WPSMap?

While the use of WPSMap is free, the cost of maintain the website is not (direct ads in the main page of WPSMap is not an option), any donation to WPSMap is greatly appreciate. PayPal is a very safe method for donations, but if you wish to use other method of donating, please contact me.

Wish to help in adding more functions or contributing in programming WPSMap? Please contact me.